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Jim W.

"After the loss of my wife I didn't think I would ever be able to recover. Luckily a found this site and starting coaching sessions with Rick. He has helped me learn how to cope with my emotions and rediscover who I am." 


I'm Rick D. Lewis. I am an Intuitive Life Coach who focuses on helping others heal from emotional traumas. 

Life doesn’t always turn out the way we envisioned it. Heartbreak, health crisis, family turmoil, and financial troubles occur, leaving its mark on all aspects of our life. I am here to help you overcome the pain and get out of your rut. We will work together to gain clarity on what you want most in life and make proactive decisions that will bring about the change you’ve been hoping for.

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Sarah P. 

“I am so thankful for joining your membership. The courses and coaching have helped me believe in myself again. I love being able to access things on my phone while away from my computer at home. Thank you, Rick Lewis, for creating such a brilliant system. ”